10 Ways to help grieving children

  1. Be available to listen.
  2. Offer opportunities to talk about death and loss as they experience it in everyday life.
  3. Answer all questions about death and loss as honestly as possible.
  4. Do not isolate or insulate child from grief. Remember grief is normal.
  5. Include children in rituals whenever possible and appropriate.
  6. Share your expressions of sadness and pain.
  7. Continue to expect a child to function. Be firm, yet gentle and kind.
  8. Pay attention to a child’s behavior and let them know when you notice a change.
  9. Find help for children who need it. Refer to support groups of counseling as needed.
  10. Continue to be available long after you think they “should be over it.”

Remember grief will be revisited throughout their lives.

Reach out and continue to care, just as you are now!


Grieving Hearts