Supporting the Grieving Family

Approach them. Talk about their loved one. Share memories with them.

Sit with them. Hold their hand… and listen. Let them cry or laugh about their loved one with you.

Grieve with them. Show them how much you still miss their loved one. Don’t be afraid to make them sad… they already are.

Keep checking on them…a week after, a month after, a year after and beyond (phone call, card, etc.)

Send gift certificates to restaurants or grocery stores inside.

Bring dinners over that can be frozen.

Donate to a charity in their loved one’s honor.

Understand when they don’t act “normal”. Their lives are forever changed.

Take the surviving children out to a movie, mall, sleep over… Let them experience “normal” for a while.

Don’t just say “Call if you need anything.” Odds are that they will not feel comfortable calling, so you call them instead. You would be amazed at what a brief phone call can do to someone’s spirits. Offer to do specific chores for them.

Request a mass/religious observance in memory of their loved one.

Look through your own photos and find some shots of their loved one. Make copies and give them to the family. They will look at them when they are ready and it will be almost like a new memory for them.

Remember them on their loved one’s, birthday, anniversary date or on holidays. Send a simple card expressing your love for them and for their loved one.

Cherish you own loved ones and count your blessings.

Grieving Hearts