Ways to Honor a Child's Memory

Trees can be planted at churches, schools or town halls

Reading Gardens can be created and dedicated at schools

Memorial bricks can be purchased at local stadiums or venues

Town parks can be renamed or have benches dedicated to the child

  • Classmates can order and wear wrist bands with the child’s name engraved on them
  • Carwashes or street dances can be held and the money donated to the family
  • Charitable donations can be made in the child’s name to various organizations
  • Masses can be offered in memory of the child
  • Cards and notes can be made by classmates and sent to the family
  • Balloons can be released at a ceremony
  • A page can be dedicated in the yearbook
  • Awards can be given in honor of the child
  • A candlelight remembrance ceremony can be held
  • A fund can be established to assist with funeral expenses
  • Ribbons can be placed around trees throughout a neighborhood or town
  • Streets can be renamed after a child
  • Jersey numbers can be retired in memory of the child
  • Sport seasons can be dedicated to the child
  • Books can be purchased for school or town libraries in memory of the child
  • Donations can be made to the child’s siblings (college funds, etc.)
  • Scholarships can be created in the child’s name
  • Computer labs can be funded or renamed in memory of the child
  • Athletic Tournaments can be created or renamed in memory of the child
  • Life saving equipment can be donated to fire departments, hospitals or schools in memory of the child

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