Grieving children's reactions in school

  • Child retells events of the death and funeral
  • Child dwells on things he/she used to do with the deceased
  • Child is disruptive in class
  • Student says he/she cannot concentrate and therefore cannot complete work assignments
  • Child instigates fights
  • Child rejects old friends and teams up with classmates whose parent/sibling is also dead
  • Child becomes the “class clown”
  • Child is preoccupied with medical cause of loved one’s death
  • Child spends free time walking or sitting alone
  • Child, at times, appears to be unmoved by the death of deceased
  • Child may become overly sensitive and tearful
  • Child drops out of after-school activities
  • Child assumes role of dead parent
  • Child mentions talking to the deceased
  • Child relates dreams about the deceased
  • Child attempts to phone home during school hours
  • Child is preoccupied with his/her own death


Grieving Hearts