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Please read these stories from other parents, families and friends who have suffered and are surviving the physical loss of their beloved child or close loved one. This community of fellow bereaved parents, family and peers will touch your heart and remind you that you are not alone. You will survive this journey… one step at a time. Others are on this path… just a few steps ahead or behind you.

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Marshall Wayne Boyd

My brother Marshall died on February12, 2011. His death rocked my world. I just couldn't believe it. I was in shock and I still am! My brother Marshall had many health issues and due to his deep depression and reactions to several medications, he took his own life. He was loved by all that knew him, and often said that he would give his last meal to any one that needed it. I feel so lost and often wonder if I could have done more for him. He is laid to rest beside his grandmother and cousin. His adult son and two daughters remind me of him. Our community and extended family eventually came together and assisted us with the funeral expenses. We are so very grateful to them. I feel very angry, guilty and wish I could have him back. It is a daily struggle. Please pray for my brother, Marshall Wayne Boyd! Thank you all! Linda, Marshall's sister





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