The Officers and Board of Directors of the Josh Rojas Foundation would like to sincerely thank you for your interest in our mission. As you are aware, our foundation was created in memory of Joshua P. Rojas. While Josh was physically here with us, he embodied the belief that each of us can make a difference in the world. We attempt to honor that belief through the work of this foundation. We realize that we could not begin to accomplish so much without our community’s thoughtful support. These generous donations enable us to fulfill our missions and support families dealing with the sudden loss of their child.

Since our inception in 2006, we have donated or gifted a total of $128,771, which includes:

  • $26,718 Soccer Equipment donations
  • $25,387 Awards & Grants to other charities & organizations
  • $70,765 Funeral expenses or related donations
  • $5,901 Grief Events sponsored

If you would like to contribute to the Josh Rojas Foundation, there are many ways you can do so. We accept donations through PayPal and UnitedWay. Simply click on one of these large icons below. (The large DONATE button takes you directly to our PayPal/Credit Card Payment option).

For those who are interested in paying by check, simply print out our donation form by clicking here. Please send the completed form with a check made payable to Josh Rojas Foundation located at P.O. Box 17507, Rochester, NY 14617.

Again, thank you so very much for your interest and for your support.

To learn more about how we may be able to help you in your time of need, please contact us today by calling 585-629-6660 or sending an email through our contact page.