Pat, Katrina and I would like to thank everyone for this wonderful tribute to our Joshua. Joshua loved school and this community. He felt welcome and valued here. We need to sincerely thank each and every one of you for everything that you did for Josh and all that you meant to him. Each one of you held a special place in Josh’s heart. As you know, he had more than enough love inside of him to share with us all. A special thanks needs to be given to the Listwood and Iroquois School faculty and staff. Thank you for nurturing and teaching both Josh and Katrina. Also, thanks to Mr. Mabb for envisioning this reading garden in Joshua’s memory.

Joshua Patricio Rojas is our son and Katrina’s brother. Josh is a blessing, treasure and gift to us. There is not a moment that goes by that we do not miss his physical presence. However, we feel his love and support around us every second of every day.

Katrina told me on the night that Josh went to heaven that she believes Joshua was sent here by God to show us how a good person is supposed to live. She doesn’t fully realize that she too is a gift and blessing that was sent here for us to treasure. Her brother knows how wonderful she is…and so do we. Thank you Katrina for being our daughter. You are the best sister a boy could have and the best daughter a parent could ever wish for. We love you with all of our hearts and Joshua was blessed to have you for a sister. He loves you, sissy.

Recently, I sat down to write some ideas down about what I wanted to say tonight. The memories of Joshua flow through my mind like a motion picture. I can close my eyes and see him, hear him and almost feel him. He truly accomplished so much in his 10 ½ years.

Here are some things that we remember and treasure about our Joshua:

  • His unconditional love
  • His glasses that never stayed straight
  • His immediate forgiveness to anyone who hurt him
  • His shoe laces that wouldn’t stay tied
  • His drawings and cartoons
  • His sense of humor
  • His smile and softness
  • His constant motion
  • His peaceful stillness
  • His trombone banging on his knee while he walked
  • His sportsmanship
  • His intelligence
  • His perseverance at athletics
  • His worship of his sister and she of him
  • His losing the house key at least 20 times
  • His acceptance of everyone
  • His friendship
  • His unbreakable faith in God
  • His ability to have never been bored for one minute in his entire life
  • His love of reading and cuddling
  • His wrestling with dad and dancing with me
  • His love of girls
  • His voice and laugh
  • His soft skin and ears
  • His rounded r when he spoke
  • His respect for every teacher and coach that he ever had
  • His pride in his heritage and love for all of his family
  • His happiness with the simplest things
  • His love for his dog, Valentino
  • His hope for world peace
  • His love of popcorn, chicken nuggets and French fries
  • His peaceful breathing in the middle of the night while we sat in his room
  • His kindness and lack of jealousy
  • His awesome hugs and kisses
  • His wisdom and empathy
  • His sincerity and honesty
  • His bravery to try new things and never let anyone tell him he couldn’t
  • His inability to sit on his bottom and not on his foot in class
  • His love of the ocean
  • His love of his friends
  • His joy in playing the game – not winning it
  • His riding his bike with his sister – being her shadow
  • His chocolate brown eyes
  • His love of babies and small children
  • His pants that would never stay up even though he owned 4 belts
  • His sweetness and sharing nature
  • His happiness
  • His promise that he would wait for me in heaven if he went first
  • But mostly…his unconditional love.

Thank you to everyone for loving our little man. He is safe. He is happy. He is loved.

Remember, he will forever be your friend. Live your life well and he will meet you at the gates of heaven. He promised. And, as Katrina says, “Joshua never breaks a promise.”

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